a little about blog philosophy

I started making html websites in 2014. I’m not sure what drew me towards making websites. I barely remember the first time I was shown how to make one in grade 4, and didn’t enjoy computer programming in high-school.

But, I was always drawn to photoshop and graphic design, enough that took courses. I loved just playing around with all the things that can be done. I love fonts, colour and photos.  I love creating a feeling and mood. It still amazes me what can be done. I love the process and flow, creating new beautiful things.

After making a couple html websites from scratch, learning and googling how to make them better and more fun, I came across WordPress. Immediately I was drawn in. I haven’t been able to get enough since. I started out with a free WordPress blog, which you may or not know, wordpress.com, does not allow for much freedom of expression. To truly create a website with WordPress, it is essential that you work from wordpress.org. 

Unfortunately, no theme is ever good enough for me. I inevitably end up with a child theme and custom changes that range from mild reconfigurations to extreme redesigns. With every website I have created and redesigned my knowledge and experience with building and designing beautiful, functional web spaces has grown. 

My latest endeavours have focused on continuing to make beautiful and functional websites, while also integrating page speed and SEO into process. 

I offer hosting, design, back-up, maintenance and more. 

Blog philosophy is a boutique style agency that works with small businesses needing full suite of help to make their online space succeed. There limited availability and working together it a mutual agreement. 

If your interested in working with me click contact and let’s connect. 



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